I killed her sister.

Three years ago, German Briggs is given a target.

Camille Elliot.

His reputation precedes him and he does his job, taking her out.

On the same day, he catches sight of her sister, Payton, and he’s obsessed. He wants her and it takes him those three years before he decides he can have her. She will never know the truth about his demons—that he kills for money and he is the one who killed her sister.


I know he killed her.

Three years ago, Payton Elliot sees German on that rooftop.

At the time, she thinks nothing of it, until she finds her sister dead on the floor of her apartment. Payton knows who did it and when she meets him again, she has a plan. She’s going to kill him.

Falling in love with him isn’t an option, but the more time she spends with him, the more she finds herself softening.

He will never know the truth about her demons—that by the time she’s done, he’ll be buried six feet under.