Levi ‘Tool’ Burgess





I was cursed with wanting the wrong type of girls—the type that are too good to be around a biker like me. They enjoyed the ride before they decided I’m not husband material and run off to find a man that was. I always expected my future to be full of hangarounds and beer, until the night I run into Grace Mayer trying to end a bad date. I come to her rescue and in return, she offers to feed me. I should walk away because she’s my club brother’s ex, but I can’t bring myself to leave.


Grace Mayer

Ripper’s Ex.

Good Girl.

Hopeless Romantic.


I completely blamed my romantic fantasies for finding all the wrong types of men. The latest disaster was my final attempt on a dating app, searching for Mr. Right, and while my date might have been a loser, my savior wasn’t. I remember Tool from the days of dating Ripper, his club brother, and a wistfulness takes control of me as I offer him dinner as a thank you. I shouldn’t want him, I’d been there before with a biker and it ended badly, but I can’t resist his easy smile and charming personality. Now I’m hoping it’s not another horrible mistake.

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Blake “Bazza” Reid

I’ve been the Aussie Devils MC’s enforcer for over ten years and I’ve gained a reputation for being ruthless. I’ve never betrayed my club and didn’t think I ever would, until Ciara Byrne crashed into my life.

Her father’s mob are our enemies and I should hand her over to my brothers to use as a hostage, but I can’t take that risk with her life. Now I’ve got her holed up in a hotel room with no idea what I’m going to do with her.

Ciara Byrne
Mafia Princess.
On the run.
Sinfully beautiful.

Being forced into an arranged marriage was never part of my future plans. Running away was my only choice. I hadn’t planned on winding up in Brisbane, and I definitely hadn’t planned on standing beside an ambulance on the side of the highway trying to explain what the bloody hell just happened to a paramedic.

Now my fate falls to the devilishly handsome biker I’d hit with my car. He can either hand me over to his club mates or let me go. Personally, I preferred the third choice—give in to a desire that’s consumed us since we first met.


Ryan ‘Rebel’ Rose

Before the Devils, I lived the straight life. I was a doctor, engaged to the love of my life, and was from a respectable family, until it all exploded in a scorching ball of fire in the darkness of night. In a matter of minutes, my world was ripped from me by a car accident that took my fiancé, my career, and the respect I had from my parents. I became a pariah. Now, I found a home within the club with no intentions of ever starting a family, until she comes to me with news—she’s pregnant with my baby.

As tensions between clubs heat up, the Coast Sinners MC focuses their attentions on our loved ones, Olivia included. I’d die before I’d let anything happen to her and my unborn child.

Olivia Morrison
Mother material.

My future was clear from the time I was a little girl—I wanted to become a nurse and help people. Now I’m finally at university, making my way toward that dream, when my best friend dares me to spend a night on the wild side and sleep with a biker. I should have said no, but alcohol fueled my courage and it was a night I couldn’t forget. There’s something enigmatic about Rebel. Months later, I can’t forget him, until my life comes to a screeching halt with a doctor’s appointment. I’m pregnant. Telling Rebel seems to be the only logical choice, but he’s not too happy with the revelation. He doesn’t want this baby and now my only choice is to raise it alone.

When I find myself in danger because of my association with the Aussie Devils, their Vice-President and the father of my unborn child becomes my bodyguard.